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Since 1984

Manufacturers of
sofas experiences customised sofas style |

Founded in 1984, Keoma is an Italian signature that celebrates the beauty of
handcrafted furniture Made in Italy.

For over forty years, Keoma Italia has been dedicated to the art of craftsmanship. Our history is studded with over three hundred collections, the result of meticulous work and a continuous search for improvement in production techniques. We are a small part of the great tradition of craftsmanship, and we strive every day to honour this legacy with creations that speak of quality and dedication.

We invite you to share with us the journey through the beauty of design that evolves, comfort that welcomes, and style that tells timeless stories.

For Keoma Italia, each piece is a step towards a future of innovation, always keeping alive the promise of excellence that guides us.

Every detail is inspired by our dedication to elegance and beauty:
to achieve both, we have fused traditional craftsmanship with the latest fashions
most current fashions.

Thanks to this method and the possibility to customise products,

we are able to create sofas adaptable to the most sophisticated environments and able to satisfy

the tastes of different customers.

40 years of values driving our success:


At Keoma, we believe that elegance must go
hand in hand with environmental responsibility.
Therefore, through environmentally conscious production processes
processes, we are committed to preserving the
beauty of nature. We ensure that every
Keoma sofa brings with it not only the warmth of
comfort, but also respect for our
Over the years we have built a
which has grown over time thanks to
important internal investments.
Today we are proud to say that
solar energy covers 90% of our energy needs.
energy needs.
Sustainability is the beating heart of our
philosophy: we want to grow as a company, but
also leave a light footprint on the Earth.


At the heart of every Keoma sofa are technologies that offer permanent permanent comfort.

To ensure greater durability and elasticity of the seats over the time, Keoma provides its sofas with Soft System technology.

Soft System is characterized by using of helical springs in harmonic steel anchored to two felt supports made of pressed cotton, and inserted into the seat cushion structure in white ecological polyurethane foam, with different densities laminated with 40 and 30/ s, covered with tecno-form wadding.


In some of the most prestigious models, Keoma uses in the seats the exclusive patented Super Soft System: a spring system made ofsprings of 80 mm high in steel, 1.8 mm thick, bagged in 100 grTNT, assembled with 45 white polyurethane and 30/s, inserted in the center of chambers cut into 50% duck and goose down, protected by a 250g white cotton anti-feather lining. 

SUPER SOFT SYSTEM ensures elasticity and perfect durability, softness and great comfort to the touch.


The Memory System is a true concentrate of
For these seats we have combined the technology
technology of the Soft System with a layer of Memory Foam
soft and gentle.
The combination of materials provides
ergonomic support and unparalleled softness
unequalled softness, making the sofas cosy and
ready to offer the ultimate in well-being.



At Keoma, the quality of the materials is our signature
indelible signature. Every fabric or leather we choose is the
the result of meticulous selection and an uncompromising commitment
uncompromising commitment to excellence.
Fine fabrics and high-quality leathers define
the refined aesthetics of our sofas.
Every nuance, every texture is carefully chosen
to elevate each seat to a luxurious experience.
As sofa manufacturers, we have made a
choice. Beauty must go beyond appearances
appearances because it is right, in our opinion, to bring
the quality of yesteryear back to life.