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For over forty years, Keoma Italia has been dedicated to the art of craftsmanship. Our history is studded with more than three hundred collections, the result of meticulous work and a continuous search for improvement in production techniques. We are a small part of the great tradition of craftsmanship, and we strive every day to honor this legacy with creations that speak of quality and dedication.

We invite you to share with us the journey through the beauty of design that evolves, comfort that welcomes, and style that tells timeless stories. For Keoma Italia, each piece is a step toward a future of innovation, always keeping alive the promise of excellence that guides us.


There is a place where traditions intertwine with dreams, where every seam tells a story of timeless craftsmanship. Our collection of classic sofas is a tribute to timeless elegance, an invitation to rediscover the warmth and cosiness of a handcrafted embrace.

More than just sofas, they are custodians of precious moments, silent witnesses to authentic emotions.

Let yourself be captivated by the Luxury collection, where craftsmanship meets timeless elegance. Each sofa is a unique masterpiece, born from a love of detail and the careful selection of raw materials.
Recliner & Sofa-Bed
Original combinations, the use of precious materials and the relentless pursuit of harmonious combinations result in timeless products. This year’s exclusive collection celebrates the fusion of craftsmanship and technological innovation More than just sofas, they are custodians of precious moments, silent witnesses to authentic emotions.
Tailor Your Experience
fabrics AND Leathers

For your sofas you can choose from a
range of fine fabrics and leathers. Depending on the
furnishing requirements, you can select colours
and styles, from the most classic fabric
to the lightness of microfibre.


Materials are the soul of your living room. They are the foundation on which to build the style and atmosphere you wish to create.
In our materials section you will find a wide range of options for customizing your sofa.


Our exclusive selection of fine marbles, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and style to your coffee tables. Choose from a variety of textures and colors to find the perfect complement to your sofa collection


Quilts to be applied to backs and
cushions are a wonderful tool
to decorate your sofas.
You can choose the weave and colours, to
give that necessary character to the
demanding living rooms.

CapitoneDef Keoma

Sofas with an aesthetic image particularly cared for in the design phase and in the choice of covering and finishing materials.

Thanks to constant attention to the evolution of taste and fashion, we search for each individual sofa trying to maximize the quality standards regarding comfort, elasticity, stability and preservation of these characteristics over time.
To this end, right from the start, we renounced the production of an economical and easy line
expansionist aims, to direct its forces into the formation of a small but artisanally specialized workforce, to ensure the accurate and impeccable creation of every single product of the two lines that the company produces, one of interpretation and updating of the traditional classic and one contemporary
saloni Keoma
I Saloni – Milan 4-9 April 2017
kiff Keoma
Kiff 15 – 18 March 2017
interior mebel Keoma
Mebel Interior 15-18 February 2017
saloni moscow Keoma
I Saloni Worldwide Moscow 10-13 October 2018
saloni Keoma
Salone del Mobile Milan 17-22 April 2018
kiff Keoma
Kiff Kiev 12-15 March 2018
interior mebel Keoma
Interior Mebel 7-10 February 2018
interior mebel Keoma
Mebel 20-24 November 2017
saloni moscow Keoma
WorldWide Moscow 11-14 October
fiera kiev1 Keoma
Design Living Tendency 27-30 settembre
dubai Keoma
Index Dubai 2016 22-25 May 2017
kiff Keoma
Kiff Kiev 03 March – 06 March 2021
interior mebel 2020 Keoma
Interior Mebel Kiev 5-9 February 2020
InteriorMebel Keoma
Mebel Moscow 18-22 November 2019
saloni moscow Keoma
I Saloni Worldwide Moscow 09-12 October 2019
saloni Keoma
Salone del Mobile Milan 9-14 April 2019
kiff Keoma
KIFF Kiev 27 February – 02 March 2019
InteriorMebel Keoma
Interior Mebel Kiev 6-9 February 2019
interior mebel Keoma
Mebel Mosca 19-23 novembre 2018
mebel fiera 1 Keoma
Mebel Moscow 2023 – 20 to 24 November
saloni Keoma
Salone del Mobile – Milan From 18 to 23 April 2023
interior mebel 1 Keoma
Mebel Moscow 21-25 November 2022
saloni Keoma
Salone del Mobile – Milan From 07 to 12 June 2022
kiff Keoma
Kiff Kiev 02 March – 05 March 2022
interior mebel 1 Keoma
Interior Mebel Kiev 3-6 February 2022
saloni Keoma