Keoma Salotti  - Luxury Collection

Luxury Collection

Luxury is being able to live the life you want, and be able to encompass more of what we like. Keoma enriched their collections with the LUXURY.

A luxury lifestyle.

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Keoma Salotti  - Classic


Tradition has its heart in history. Our thirty-year-old brand has been characterized by new and innovative ideas and projects .

The charm of the classic in thirty-year old history

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Keoma Salotti  - Classic


L’arredamento come stile di vita, di chi ama circondarsi di ambienti luminosi, colori chiari ed atmosfere delicate e rilassanti.

Una collezione nuova, in uno stile elegante e romantico che concilia natura ed arte.

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Keoma Salotti  - Classic

Keoma Projects

Design Culture.
CarefuI research of materials and stylistic solutions express increasingly the identity of a brand that aims to be a reference among the companies that have been able to combine the search for the typical detail of the Made in Italy tradition with the innovation of the product; quality indispensable to compete in a global market that has become.

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Keoma Salotti  - Classic

Soft System

To ensure greater durability and elasticity, Keomaprovides most of its sofa models with SoftSystem technology. SoftSystem consists of pre-stressed steel coil springs anchored to two cotton felt supports, inserted into the structure of the white eco-foam seat cushion with different densities laminated with 40, and 30/s, covered with Tecnoform wadding.

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100% Made in Italy

We've been operating in the sector of furniture for more than 30 years, trying to always maintain high quality and propose new styles.

The seriousness, the competence and the service countersign our company in several country in the world.


anni di esperienza

La storia del nostro marchio è lunga 30 anni, durante i quali le nostre idee hanno sempre saputo rinovarsi, arrichendosi di progetti e d'inovazione.


modelli realizzati

Le nostre collezioni, eleganti e romantiche capaci di conciliare sempre natura ed arte.