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Harmonious and pure lines, stripped of extrinsic complexity, where the combinations, sinuous swirls and linearity of the forms, have value as a function of the whole, which is the result of painstaking and totally unique research that gives it a unique and inimitable imprint. Gli originali accostamenti dei tessuti e dei loro colori impreziosiscono la composizione della Chaise Longue, come in un'opera teatrale in cui le liriche e la melodia si fondono in un insieme ricco di armonie, contrappunti ed effetti.
Harmonious and pure lines, devoid of extrinsic complexity, where the combinations, sinuous volutes and linearity of forms
The original combinations of fabrics and their colours embellish the composition of the Chaise Longue
Partially removable sofa cover. Fir wood and poplar plywood structure. Non-deformable polyurethane foam padding in different densities. SOFT-SYSTEM spring cushions. The cords and single braided fringe are standard; on request, however, the brush on cushions and backrests, or the pleated skirt with ribbon without price variation. The bed version is available with only the electric-welded bedspring as standard with H 11 mattress in non-deformable high-density polyurethane 50, with removable and washable Aloe cover. Armrest covers and pillows are not standard.